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Category Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
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Introduce Shijiazhuang Zhaorong Technology Co., Ltd. has a standardized R & D and production base of more than 1300 square meters. At present, there are 2 doctors, 3 masters, and more than 30 people with college degree or above. They have obtained 6 national patents and 3 software copyrights. They have been rated as science and technology SMEs in Hebei Province, outstanding high-tech enterprises in 2019, and teaching practice base of Hebei University of science and technology. The daily output is as high as 20000 sets, with 2 key laboratories.


On line monitoring system of β - ray dust
Zhaorong zrpm2000 β - ray dust and noise online monitoring system adopts national standard method. It can realize the real-time monitoring of dust concentration, noise and meteorological parameters. Through the Internet of things and cloud computing technology, the data statistical analysis and alarm processing can be realized in the software platform of the monitoring center, so as to meet the long-term management requirements of real-time and fine supervision. It is widely used in ambient air quality particulate matter monitoring, construction site dust monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises particulate matter unorganized emission monitoring, stockyard dust monitoring, port and wharf dust monitoring, road dust monitoring, mine dust monitoring, etc.
On line monitoring system of light scattering dust
Zhaorong light scattering dust on-line monitoring system adopts pump suction laser light scattering method. The method can reflect the change trend of particle concentration. It has the advantages of fast measurement data, small size of measuring equipment, low noise and easy installation. PM2.5, PM10, noise and meteorological parameters can be measured at the same time. The system has the advantages of low cost of follow-up operation, which also solves the problem of excessive one-time investment.
TVOC over limit alarm device
Zhaorong TVOC over standard alarm device, using PID analysis method to detect TVOC; imported sensor, high accuracy, stable data, long trial life; the device can reflect the concentration trend of VOC in the air, the measurement data is fast, the measurement equipment volume is small, and the installation is convenient. The following operation cost of the equipment is low and easy to maintain.
On line monitoring equipment for volatile organic compounds (FID)
The on-line monitoring equipment for volatile organic compounds (FID) of Zhaorong adopts the method of over edge FID monitoring, which can monitor many parameters such as methane, non methane total hydrocarbon, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, noise, etc; With 24-hour monitoring, heated sampling main pipe is adopted to prevent moisture interference. The system has calibration function, which can accurately measure the parameters of various pollution sources in real time. With modular design, the module replacement can be completed on site, and the maintenance time of the instrument is shortened. The man-machine interface adopts Chinese menu operation, which is simple and easy to understand.

Measured components: methane, non methane total hydrocarbon, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc

Detection principle: GC-FID
Hidden tube detector
Zr-3000 underground tube detector is a detection project according to the judicial law of environmental pollution "The project of detecting and obtaining evidence by setting up concealed pipe or using seepage well, seepage pit, fracture and karst cave discharge" is specially designed, so it is quite different from the current concealed pipe detector on the market and the instruments in earlier years. Therefore, our company specially introduces the portable and vehicle mounted equipment for obtaining the certificate of the enterprise's illegal discharge of the underground pipe. The comprehensive use of this set of detection equipment can be completed in sequence In a non-invasive way, it is necessary to pre locate the pipes, underground wells, infiltration wells (dry wells), seepage pits (ponds), and sewage pipe cracks of pollution source enterprises, as well as the precise positioning of the illegal drainage outlets, the accurate positioning of the routes of the pipelines, and the evidence collection of the media such as the discharge of the underground pipes, underground wells, infiltration wells (dry wells), seepage pits (ponds), and sewage pipe cracks.
便携式粉尘仪 Portable dust meter
Zr-2017 portable dust detector is independently developed by Shijiazhuang Zhaorong Technology Co., Ltd., which is applied to the detection of road dust, industrial enterprise dust and large particle dust. The product has a wide range of applications, reliable performance and maintenance free. It also provides data upload platform analysis and other functions to meet the requirements of environmental protection, housing construction and other regulatory authorities on dust emission monitoring and control evaluation
Flue gas NOx analyzer
Zrno2000 produced by Zhaorong Technology The on-line monitoring system of NOx tail gas is composed of sampling system, pretreatment system, gas conversion system, monitoring and analysis system and data acquisition and transmission system. It uses advanced industrial sensor network technology and computer application technology such as automatic control, wireless communication, database and network engineering to realize real-time monitoring of NOx emission at chimney outlet, Provide advanced environmental monitoring and early warning, forecast and other services for environmental emergency monitoring, ensure personal safety and production safety within the monitoring scope, and comprehensively improve the emergency handling capacity of law enforcement departments for emergencies.

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