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Country China
Category Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Consulting and engineering services
Hall 2.1
Booth A50
Introduce Foshan Xinkeyan Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. professional chlor-alkali titanium electrodes, electrode platinum electrodes, tap water disinfection and wastewater treatment electrodes, platinum electrodes, photocatalytic networks, tin electrodes, etc. ; Welcome to the water treatment industry design institute, water treatment equipment manufacturers cooperation


Titanium anode size is stable, the distance between electrodes in the electrolysis process does not change, can ensure the electrolytic cell voltage stability in electrolysis. Titanium anode operating voltage is low, power consumption is small, corrosion resistance, long working life
Platinum electrodes and hydrogen hydrolytic tanks
Platinum electrodes are used in the production of hydrogen and oxygen water, plating platinum electrodes, electrolytic water anodes
The titanium anode is coated with a palladium coating
The titanium anode can overcome the dissolving of graphite anodes and lead anodes in electrolytes and avoid contamination of electrolytes and cathode products by the anodes. The density of the current is higher than the potential is small, the catalytic activity of the electrode is high, and the short circuit problem after the deformation of the lead anode can be avoided, and the current efficiency can be improved. Shape making is easy, high refinement, titanium substrate can be reused, low overcaution is easy to exclude electrolytic bubbles, effectively reduce the voltage in the electrolytic cell
The tin-titanium anode degrades organic matter through anode reaction, and the anode oxygen is precipitated with a higher oxygen perimeter, which produces oxycodone, free radicals, atomic oxygen, molecular oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants. These oxidants react with substances in water, breaking down cod in water; Tin anodes perform much higher than lead dioxide and platinum electrodes, contain no precious metals, are inexpensive and have a shorter service life than precious metal electrodes
TiO2 photocatalytic network
TiO2 shape: nanotubes
Diameter: 70-80nm
Ultraviolet light: UVC lamp (wavelength 200-280nm)
Performance: Hydroxyl free radicals are produced under ultraviolet light
Use: Air purification and disinfection, water disinfection
A bit: increase the effect of UV disinfection, avoid secondary pollution
Environment: UV lamp disinfection environment
Sodium hypochlorite generator

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