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Category Treatment of sludge and residues
Dust removal
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Introduce Baofeng environmental protection mainly engaged in air purification equipment engineering design, research and development, equipment production, installation, promotion, service and other comprehensive business.

The main products are polyester needled felt, polypropylene needled felt, acrylic needled felt, PPS needled felt, aramide (Meitas) needled felt, glass fiber needled felt, composite high temperature resistant needled felt (Flumeis) P84, PTFE, basalt fiber needled felt; As well as PTFE coated, anti-static, according to water oil (anti-condensation) and other functional needled felt.


Flumeis compound felt high temperature resistant filter material
Flumeis compound felt high temperature resistant filter material

(1) Principle: it is mainly made of short cut glass fiber, with a certain amount of one or more than two kinds of chemical fiber evenly mixed lamellar composite.

(2) Working condition: temperature 190-240 degrees/instantaneous 240-300 degrees, air permeability 150-300

(3) Features: high temperature resistance, high load, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, easy to remove ash, water and oil, anti-static, long service life, etc. Because it is in the glass short cut fiber mixed with other chemical fibers, felt surface is more flat and dense, not easy to fall off, with strong resistance and dust catching ability, the two fiber materials complement each other, making the filter material can capture fine dust. Can be widely used in steel plants, smelters, cement plants, natural gas chemical plants and other flue gas purification dust recovery.

(4) post-treatment: water and oil repellent, impregnation, film coating.
PPS compound needled felt
①Principle: Made of polyphenylene sulfide fiber.

② Working condition: temperature 190/ instantaneous 220 degrees, air permeability 150-250

③ features: Hydrolysis resistance performance is good, excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosive, fuel sulfur or sulfur oxide in flue gas can be used, in the harsh environment can still keep good filtration performance, suitable for big humidity, high concentration and strong adhesion and containing the chemical composition of the soot, coal-fired boiler, municipal waste incineration and power plant dust filter material of choice for dust collection processing, It can also be applied to the dust purification of aluminum oxide plant.

④ Disadvantages: antioxidant capacity is not good, can not be used in the case of high oxidation (in the range of oxygen content is not more than 14% and the temperature should be reduced correspondingly).

⑤ After treatment: singeing, calendering, heat setting, water and oil proof, PTFE impregnation, film.
Basalt needled felt filter material
① Principle: Basalt as the main raw material, after high temperature melting cooling refining rock pile.

② Working condition: temperature 320 degrees/instant 350 degrees, air permeability 12-14m³/㎡/min

③Characteristics: ultra-high temperature filter material, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, condensation resistance, chemical stability, green environmental protection, no pollution, etc.

④ Post-treatment: PTFE impregnation, PTFE coating.
Meitas needled felt filter material
①Principle: Made from polyamide fiber.

② Working condition: temperature 190 degrees/instant 240 degrees, air permeability 150-250

③Features: good temperature resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, small resistance, high filtration wind speed, size stability, easy to clear ash, dust has a strong interception and blocking effect, and can quickly form a dust layer, 2 times dust collection. It has the advantages of chemical corrosion resistance, strength stability of more than 90% in PH 3-4 working conditions, good air permeability, dust removal rate of 99.99% and so on. Mainly used in asphalt mixing flue gas, iron and steel plant blast furnace, carbon black (white carbon black) tail gas, cement kiln kiln head, kiln tail, electric furnace high temperature, refractory kiln and coking flue gas and gas dust removal.

④Disadvantages: poor hydrolyzability, quickly hydrolyzed and damaged in the presence of water and SOx at high temperature, so it is not suitable for use under the conditions of water and SOx dust

⑤ Post-treatment: singeing, heat setting, calendering, can also be coated.
P84 high temperature resistant needled felt filter material
①Principle: By the polyimide fiber through acupuncture, its characteristics due to its fiber fineness and significant.

② Working condition: temperature 260 degrees/instant 280 degrees, air permeability 150-250

③Features: good acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, a certain water solubility, low backwash pressure and high elastic desmusing cake efficiency, good air permeability and high filtration efficiency (low backwash pressure and high elastic desmusing cake efficiency: Polyimide with irregular cross section, and thus P84 filter material has huge specific surface area, provide more tiny pore, its surface filtering effect is better than that of depth filtration, only so much dust on the surface of filter mat and did not wear into the deep, the backwashing pressure is small, filter cake to play off to improve efficiency, excellent of micro powder collecting effect, At the same time, the operating pressure is low). Widely used in waste incineration, thermal power generation, steel, metallurgy, chemical and other industries of flue gas purification dust recovery.

Low backwash pressure and high elastic desslime cake efficiency: THE characteristics of P84 are notable because of the fineness of the fiber itself, but also because the irregular fiber cross section increases the fiber surface area to the maximum and provides a lot of small pores, so that the surface filtration effect is better than the depth filtration. Dust to stay on the surface of the filter felt and did not penetrate into the filter felt, so the backwash pressure is small and the filter cake elastic removal efficiency can be significantly improved, with excellent fine powder collection efficiency and small operating pressure difference.
Pure PTFE high temperature corrosion resistant filter material
①Principle: Made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber) by three-dimensional acupuncture.

② Working condition: temperature 260 degrees/instant 300 degrees, air permeability 80-100M ³/㎡/s

③Characteristics: strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability. Widely used in steel, electricity, garbage incineration and other harsh flue gas environment.

④ Post-treatment: PTFE impregnation, coating, coating.
Acrylic needled felt filter material
①Principle: acrylic needled felt chemical name polyacrylonitrile, with it as raw material by needling process into felt, after special water repellant treatment and made of medium temperature hydrolysis resistance needled felt.

② Working condition: temperature less than or equal to 140 degrees/short time 160 degrees, ventilation 14m³/㎡/min

③ Characteristics: excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, good acid and alkaline resistance, PH value between 3-11, widely used in waste incineration, asphalt, spray dance dryer, coal mill, power plant flue gas dust collection.

④ Post-treatment: singeing, wool rolling, laminating and coating.

Pre-oxygen wire needled felt filter material
①Principle: processed with pre-oxygen filament fiber.

② Working condition: temperature 150-190 degrees

③ Features: fire star, no delay, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Suitable for easy to generate Mars and easy to use under the conditions of spontaneous combustion.
Polyester needled felt filter material series
①Principle: using nonwoven needling process, after singeing, calendering, heat setting and other post-treatment.

② Working condition: air permeability 250-350, temperature below 130 degrees/instant 150 degrees

③ Features: the filter material has large void ratio, good air permeability, widely used to filter gas at room temperature, and corrosive gas containing acid and alkali, but also can filter water and oil, is the ideal material in the field of solid-liquid separation. Mainly used in no viscosity and no static electricity under normal temperature conditions, such as grinding, rubber, cement, etc.
Polyester anti-static needled felt filter material
① Principle: using nonwoven needling process and adding conductive fiber yarn to produce antistatic function, after scorching, calensing, heat setting, waterproof and oil-repellent impregnation, film coating and other post-treatment.

② Working condition: air permeability 250-350, temperature below 130 degrees/instant 150 degrees

③ Features: anti-static needled felt is mainly used in flammable and explosive working conditions, such as surface dust, coal dust, chemical dust, etc.

Polyester blended anti-static needled felt filter material
(1) Principle: using nonwoven needling process and adding conductive fiber to produce antistatic function, after singeing, calendering, film covering, waterproof and other post-treatment.

(2) Working condition: operating temperature 130-150 degrees

(3) Features: the anti-static effect of polyester blended anti-static needled felt is better than the former, which is more suitable for high dust concentration and flammable and explosive conditions.

Liquid filter bag
1. Filter accuracy range from 0.5 micron to 300 micron, materials are divided into polyester, polypropylene, nylon and other filter bags.

2. Argon arc welding technology of stainless steel and galvanized steel ring. The diameter error is less than 0.5mm, and the horizontal error is less than 0.2mm. The filter bag made of this steel ring can be installed in the equipment to improve the sealing degree and reduce the chance of side leakage.

3. Suitable for filtering general industrial liquids, such as electroplating E, D paint, ink, paint, food, chemical industry, grain and oil and other chemical pharmaceutical; Acid and alkali resistant fiber has high mechanical strength and can be used repeatedly.
Press cloth
It is mainly used for filter press. There are too many kinds of filter cloth.
Stainless steel dust bag cage skeleton
Specializing in the production of all kinds of bag cage skeleton, such as: silicone bag cage skeleton, stainless steel cage skeleton, galvanized cage skeleton, flat frame, open cage skeleton and so on.

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