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Country China
Category Desulphurization and denitrification
Ultra low emission technology
Hall 3.1
Booth A15
Introduce Zhengzhou Ruiguang automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a resource integration enterprise integrating instrument agency, product development, production and sales, and environmental protection online after-sales solutions. The company mainly produces and operates domestic mainstream spare parts for environmental protection online monitoring system, and provides solutions for relevant supporting products for environmental protection online monitoring manufacturers, mainly including HACH, Hangzhou Juguang,Beijing xuedilong, Guangzhou Yiwen,, etc.


NOx Converter
The NOx converter has the characteristics of high conversion rate at low temperature, long service life, good reliability, convenient installation, etc. The converter adopts the company's patented technology, which can effectively make the flue gas fully react with the filler in the conversion pipe, so that the conversion efficiency of NO2 can reach more than 95%. Under normal operating conditions, the service life of the filling material in the transfer tube is as long as 12 months, which minimizes the maintenance cost. It can be widely used in environmental protection on-line monitoring and automobile exhaust detection.
Peristaltic pump
Peristaltic pump is specially developed for continuous monitoring system of flue gas, which consists of pump head, motor and peristaltic pump tube. The original imported pipe product was developed in combination with the technical characteristics of the flue gas continuous monitoring system for discharging condensed water.
Sample gas pump
The sample gas pump uses a single-stage solid-state PTFE bellows (also known as bellows or diaphragm) . This special design can effectively extend the service life of the pump in a variety of applications. This design is specifically designed for harsh gas applications, such as when a failure of the dehumidifying heat partner in the system, or a sudden increase in moisture causes a liquid to flow through the pump, or when it needs to form a condensate somewhere, the pump head of the sample gas pump can be turned down by a simple operation, thus allowing liquid matter to accumulate in a special depression between the pump head and the bellows.

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